Tisanes - the good addiction !!

So, if you are here reading this blog you have perhaps already visited our wonderful selection of Tisanes.

I felt an urge to connect with our patrons and present our value proposition and more importantly put it out there in plain speak as to how these wonderful 'natural nectars' as we call them can be seamlessly blended into the hectic lifestyle of circa 2021. These are just my thoughts in plain speak and hope they resonate with you.


STEEPING IN ALL THE GOODNESS :Essentially ancient culture has always believed in the nurturing and healing powers of various herbs and botanicals and a lot of these nutrients and compounds can be easily extracted gently through steeping in water. This decoction or concoction, call it what you may is also referred to as 'herbal tea' and in India we have our old recipes of Kadha, Kashayam, etc. The broader point being that most of these botanicals are not technically edible or at least practically.


PRACTICAL AND CONVENIENT : At Lush Vitality our focus is on the purity and efficacy of the herbs and thus a very non negotiable quality check process. With our unbleached cotton tea bags in a 4 layered sealed bag you have a very practical and convenient option to just pour hot water and savour every sip. We have gone and foraged for you, ensured the botanicals are dried in the ideal conditions where required are clean and processed with utmost care and hygiene.


REPLACE AND ENHANCE A RITUAL : This has been my personal philosophy . You can replace your high carb sugary drinks with an "iced tea" version of our tisane; or if you are used to having a hot beverage by your side, like I am then switch to our tisanes and avoid the high caffeine dose. Enhance your mini rituals : have a cup of our immunity blend Prana Rasa mid morning or blend in our relaxation blend Ananda Rasa into your pre sleep ritual.


Am planning to get into my summer body shape this month and will do a Sneha Rasa aided diet -exercise programme myself. More on that..till then enjoy the Lush Life !