Lush Vitality is a distillate of our personal experience and our passion for all things nature. The team at Lush Vitality brings to the platform subject matter experts from the domains of  Naturopathy, Nutrition Science, Beauty, Alternate Therapies, Hospitality and Luxury. 
We lean on ancient science but back it up with sensory evaluation and testing and blend it into a  luxurious experience.  We focus on using the best available ingredients in their purest form and our products do look and feel  and act in that manner. 
We believe that true luxury lies in knowing that you are experiencing the best, it is that trust that we  seek to gain. 
We provide customized formulations for you based on your preferences or a consultation with us. We also do Bespoke collections for luxurious gifting, special events or your institutions. 
We have a clean label and an honest  label. NO Green washing.  
Nature works gradually and works in sync with your mind and body. Similarly, our products have been  formulated for maximum potency based on regular usage incorporated into your lifestyle. That is true  potency, one which leads to true vitality, long lasting benefits.