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100% pure cold-pressed oils sourced from our plantation partners. We source the finest produce made in fresh small batches.


Cold Pressed Oils: Nourishing Your Body Naturally

If you enjoy cold-pressed oils and want to use the therapeutic characteristics of nutrients to help your hair and skin develop, this blog is for you. 

Let's get onto this enlightening journey to learn about the diverse range of cold-pressed oils available, each with its distinct properties and many applications.


Liquid Gold: What is a cold-pressed oil?

A lot has been said about cold-pressed oils and how they are the greatest and healthiest solution for your skin, as recommended by professionals. 

Cold-pressed oil is created using a method known as cold-press extraction.

Cold-pressed oil is known to be cholesterol-free, unrefined or unprocessed, free of toxic solvent residues, and rich in natural antioxidants that are good for health. 


From Seed to Oil: Unleashing the Health Potential of Cold-pressed Oils.

Cold-pressed oils provide essential benefits for health in addition to meeting vital nutrient needs. They are functional goods that include a variety of bioactive ingredients. Cold-pressed oils are high in oleic acids and aid to enhance the immune system. 

They also include natural antioxidants, which aid in the reduction of cell damage in our bodies. They have a high nutritional value and are used in a variety of culinary options. 


Pure Extraction: Cold-pressed oils at LushVitality

At Lush Vitality, we offer four different types of pure cold-pressed oils that are abundant in nutrients and have a variety of health benefits. 

We intend to keep our products as natural as possible, with no artificial prescriptions. Our products contain no artificial scents or toxicants. We attempt to use a plant to its full potential to produce a wonderful, nutritious product. 


Pure cold-pressed oil for hair growth: Black seed oil

We provide Restorative Black Seed Oil that is ideal for healthy hair growth. Black seed oil is a hair wonder that enhances hair growth and shines when used regularly. Because black seed oil is high in fatty amino acids, it may help seal in moisture in individual hair shafts.

The black seed cold-pressed oil relieves and reduces itching on the scalp. It strengthens the scalp and enhances the health of your hair. 


The Glow Factor, Best for skin tone: The Jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil is a natural cold-pressed oil extracted from the seeds of the jojoba shrub, a perennial native to the deserts of North America. 

Jojoba oil, like other skincare oils, is high in vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is a natural moisturizer that aids in retaining the moisture in the skin, making it plump and highly moisturized. 

This antioxidant reservoir can help slow down the aging process and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


From Nature’s Bounty, The Best Anti-Aging Oil for Hair and Skin; Bakuchi Oil

Bakuchiol's makers believe it is a natural, plant-derived alternative to retinoid or retinol, which is a vitamin A-based chemical that helps boost skin cell turnover. Bakuchi Oil benefits also include the ability to smooth wrinkles and brighten skin by increasing skin cell turnover.

Bakuchi oil benefits include the removal of dandruff, delay of grey hair, and avoiding the risk of hair damage. 


Dive into Hydration; Lushvitality offers the Best Essence - Pomegranate Oil!

The Pomegranate Seed Oil has several vital benefits including the capacity to prevent premature aging and alleviate skin irritation. 

Pomegranate seed oil is a high source of antioxidants, vitamins C, and A, Omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Pomegranate oil benefits for the skin are that it brightens the skin and reduces scars, provides collagen, and even boosts collagen production in your bodily cells.

It even improves skin elasticity and provides intense hydration to your skin. 

Restorative Black Seed Oil Hair Growth OilRestorative Black Seed Oil Hair Growth Oil
On sale

Restorative Black Seed Oil Hair Growth Oil

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Golden Jojoba Oil Rich Skin TonicGolden Jojoba Oil Rich Skin Tonic
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Golden Jojoba Oil Rich Skin Tonic

Rs. 637 Rs. 750
Bakuchi Oil Anti-Ageing Oil for Hair and SkinBakuchi Oil Anti-Ageing Oil for Hair and Skin

Bakuchi Oil Anti-Ageing Oil for Hair and Skin

Rs. 750

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