Lush Vitality's Immunity collection will help you strengthen your body's defences and stay healthy all year. Our carefully curated selection of immune-boosting goods is intended to benefit your general health and well-being. From vitamin and antioxidant-rich supplements to herbal medicines that boost your body's natural defences, each product is made with high-quality components to help you thrive. Whether you're trying to avoid seasonal illnesses or simply want to stay in good health, our Immunity collection has everything you need to keep your immune system in top shape. Explore our options and prioritise your wellness journey today.

Prana Rasa Immunity BlendPrana Rasa Immunity Blend
On sale

Prana Rasa Immunity Blend

Rs. 520 Rs. 550
Immunity KitImmunity Kit

Immunity Kit

Rs. 2,200
RAKSHA Immunity Boosting OilRAKSHA Immunity Boosting Oil
On sale

RAKSHA Immunity Boosting Oil

Rs. 520 Rs. 550

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