Lush Vitality's Relaxation line offers moments of sheer tranquilly. Our carefully curated selection of items, which includes tranquil bath salts, aromatic candles, and soothing essential oils, is intended to help you relax and relieve tension. Whether you want to create a tranquil spa-like environment at home or simply find inner peace after a hard day, our Relaxation collection contains everything you need to induce relaxation and rejuvenation. Give yourself a well-deserved rest and appreciate the art of relaxation with our luxury goods. Explore our assortment and let serenity surround you today.

Ananda Rasa Relaxation BlendAnanda Rasa Relaxation Blend
On sale

Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend

Rs. 520 Rs. 550
Relaxation KitRelaxation Kit

Relaxation Kit

Rs. 2,200
Relaxation Body Butter For NightRelaxation Body Butter For Night

Relaxation Body Butter For Night

Rs. 950
SHUNYA Relaxing Sleep OilSHUNYA Relaxing Sleep Oil

SHUNYA Relaxing Sleep Oil

Rs. 550

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