The attitude of gratitude

Gratitude, thank fullness, glass half full, optimism.....these are magical words. The attitude of gratitude brings with it an inner strength which changes our sub conscious thinking and this has a very direct connect with our over all wellness.


For a moment I want you to think about the word " attitude"and not gratitude. There are hundreds of moments of truth during our average day when we are sending subconscious signals to our inner wiring. This could range from our conversations with people to perhaps road rage or exercise; there are minor stressors and then there are life changing events but people who adopt a conscious attitude of looking at what they achieved during the day or even the simple fact that they are alive and it is a gift to be cherished ( at least covid taught me that personally speaking ) are the ones who seem to be overall in a better frame of mind and even body mostly.


In our ancient culture there was always a greeting which thanked the universe or God at every meeting with someone or at some everyday activity viz. in most cultures they thank god when they sneeze or send God's blessing to them . That is a very subtle way of introducing that attitude. The dining table being another place...though saying grace and thanking God for the food he puts in front of us seems to be a diminishing practice; we must revive it.


The other impactful manner is some kind of prayer or a meditation practice wherein for at least once a day you are connected to the energies of the universe and consciously announce your gratitude.


Clearly you can not be thankful when you have suffered from a traumatic stressful event but overall I think taking it a day at a time does work well. On that note I must express my gratitude to you for having read through this article.